Ibericca was born in 2021 as a result of our admiration and passion for the Iberian pig. This project is made up of a group of lovers of Iberian products who are dedicated to selecting our favourite pieces to share them with you. 

Enthusiasts of the Iberian pig and inspired by the lands of the Dehesa, we firmly believe that the culture of Iberian products transcends gastronomy and penetrates all aspects of our lives. It has become part of the deepest part of the Spanish personality and culture.

Iberian cured meats are the standard of those who enjoy a product of unparalleled quality with the prospect of sharing, enjoying and immersing themselves in a world of ineffable flavours and textures. 

And what would become of us, and of our way of understanding life, without the products that this wonderful land offers us?


A firm commitment to the culture of "Jamón Ibérico"

At Ibericca we believe that an important part of any gastronomic experience lies in the information we have about the products and dishes we consume. It is not just about how palatable a meat is, the textures it offers us after the curing process or how evocative its aroma can be. The experience of Iberian products goes much further and is based on a rich, centuries-old legacy that has endured through the generations to reach us. 

Cerdos subiendo colina arriba en la dehesa de Montesano mientras el pastor sacude un árbol de bellota.

In order to fully enjoy the Iberian pig, we have to follow a path that involves education and awareness. We must understand what makes Iberian pork go beyond the category of food and become a cult product, desired and admired by so many. 

Patas de jamón colgadas en la fábrica Montesano.
    In this way, it is crucial to understand:
    • What is Iberian DNA. 
    • The aspects that make this breed so special. 
    • How far back its heritage goes.
    • The environment in which the Iberian pig lives.
    • Its diet and how this conditions the quality of the final product. 
    • What are the colours of the Iberian pig and their meanings. 
    • Why it is so important in Spanish culture and gastronomy.

    Discover the best Iberian products

    As lovers of Iberian cured meats, we not only want to share with you our selection of the best Iberian products on the market, but we also want you to have an in-depth knowledge of what you are eating. Only then will you be able to fully appreciate it.

    Jamones secándose en la fábrica de Montesano.

    That is why we are at your disposal to answer your questions and advise you on whatever you need so that you too can become a convinced lover of Iberian hams.

    Much more than Iberian hams and shoulder hams

    But at Montesano we also know how to make the most of this noble animal beyond hams and shoulders. The artisan pork butchers at Montesano also carefully prepare other product lines derived from the lean meat of Iberian pigs reared on acorns.

    These are the loins and sausages which, from the finest lean meat, and as tradition dictates, with the right amount of spices and aromatic herbs, offer us glories to the palate such as loins, morcones, chorizos, salchichones and lomitos from Iberian pigs reared on acorns in the pastures of Extremadura.

    Artesano chacinero de Montesano.

    Much more than hams and shoulders

    Although hams and shoulders are some of the Iberian fetishes, those who truly worship the Iberian pig know that there are many more gourmet products that come from it. From cured meats such as the 100% Iberian acorn-fed pork loin or the Iberian acorn-fed chorizo, to the best cuts such as the secreto, the cheeks or the pluma. 

    Pastor de cerdos con su ganado

    We want to share this universe with you, do you dare to discover Ibericca?

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