Acorn-fed 50% Iberian Sierra Jerez Ham

Acorn-fed 50% Ibérico Pork Ham

8 to 8,5 kg

Natural Allergen free

Acorn-fed 50% Iberian acorn-fed ham, tradition, time and patience. 

The acorn-fed 50% Iberian acorn-fed ham comes from animals that are reared in the wild in the dehesa, which feed mainly on grass and acorns found in the fields in the montanera. Cured for 4-5 years and marked with red flanges to identify its breed. 

The ham is specially made for lovers of strength and unique flavour nuances. The flavour and texture are delicate, and each piece can be felt and lingered in the mouth.

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The experience of tasting a good ham brings with it a complex and delicate process of elaboration that makes the difference. Anyone who appreciates the nuances of this high quality product is really appreciating a work of dedication, patience and artisan tradition, which begins long before the product reaches your table.

To appreciate the flavours and nuances of Sierra Jerez hams, shoulders and sausages, it is necessary to know the details of the rearing and production of our Iberian pigs. 

The production process of our Iberian hams, shoulders and sausages begins with the exhaustive care of the animal itself, which throughout its life is fed naturally on pasture and acorns in the Extremadura dehesa, a Mediterranean ecosystem where our Iberian pigs grow and develop in freedom. These are corpulent animals, with a strong skeleton and vigorous musculature that will result in a meat of special texture and muscular hardness, with an adequate fat infiltration, essential to obtain a unique and extraordinary final product. 

The current production process for Sierra Jerez hams, shoulders and sausages is inherited from the traditional method, which begins with the breeding of animals that preserve and preserve the pure breed of the Iberian pig. Continuing with an exhaustive care of the animal, teaching it from birth to adapt to the environment where it will live in the Dehesa de Extremadura, in freedom during the Montanera season. The pigs will graze freely day and night in search of the animal's most prized delicacy, the acorn.  

The rest of the procedures will be carried out in the facilities with the ham masters, who are in charge of ensuring that all the products follow the optimal steps to obtain the best Iberian products. The process in the drying sheds is essential, a process that will last for years, where craftsmanship, silence and darkness are combined to keep the gastronomic treasures safe. Continuous tastings certify the excellence and unique flavour of all our products. 

Iberian ham is distinguished from the rest by its unique texture, aroma and flavour, the latter varying according to the degree of acorns the pig has eaten and the exercise it has done in the fields during its time in the wild.

Breeding creates a balanced relationship between the Iberian pig and nature, since the animal needs and preserves the Extremadura dehesa and vice versa. 

Today, the facilities where Sierra Jerez hams are produced are located in the Extremaduran village of Jerez de los Caballeros. It is equipped with advanced technology which, together with the experience and craftsmanship with which we complete the production of each of our hams, we manage to maintain the qualities and flavour that identify our products.

Sierra Jerez has a select range of hams: Acorn-fed Iberian Ham with and without D.O. Dehesa de Extremadura, Cebo Iberian Ham, as well as Acorn-fed Iberian Shoulder and Cebo Iberian Shoulder. And a wide variety of sausages.

Quality guaranteed for all Sierra Jerez products, reaching the most demanding standards in terms of food safety for the strictest and most rigorous markets, as well as having facilities approved by the European Union, China, Japan, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Chile, Australia, New Zealand and Cape Verde. 

An excellent quality raw material, the passage of time and the wisdom of the Master Ham Master, make Iberian hams, shoulders and sausages a unique pleasure for the senses.


Data sheet

8 to 8,5 kg
Breed percent
50% Ibérico
Allergen free

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